Fully Automated Pickling System & Fully Automated Warehouseing System

Established in 1992 in Thailand
Business philosophy: Environmental protection, Innovation & Service

Since our establishment in 1992, we have been leading Thailand's wire-drawing industry through tireless efforts while keeping pace with advance technological innovations of today. With the support and dedication of all, we are able to aggressively channel numerous markets around the world to become an industry leader in Thailand.

Guided by expert management, we have been proactive in responding to the rapidly changing future while continue to invest in technological innovations and quality improvement. At CPM, we are committed to provide exact customer needs in terms of reliable quality and services, just-in-time delivery (JIT) while ensuring the protection of a greener future to our next generation.

We are pioneering the future of manufacturing. We support and practice environmental-friendly enterprises while incorporating to a higher level of advanced manufacturing in order to become more productive, efficient and competitive in the next decades to come.

In addition to our manufacturing base in Thailand, CPM has other affiliates in countries such as Thailand, China, Indonesia and Taiwan all able to provide quality-level service in a timely manner.

Cold-Heading & Forging Quality : Fasteners, piston rod, ball bearing, etc.
Alloy Steel : High strength bolt, hand tools, machining parts, etc.
Sporting face mask, hardware items, fasteners, baskets, mesh-related products, etc.
Spring, spoke, shock absorber, shot peening, shutter spring, bed spring, etc.